Collaborative Divorce: Process Explained

Collaborative Divorce Basic Steps

The collaborative divorce process promotes open communication and also recognizes the challenge inherent in the process. Divorcing parties schedule a series of joint meetings with their respective collaborative divorce attorneys to achieve the following:

  • identify the priorities and needs of each spouse
  • gather and exchange information
  • develop and evaluate options and alternatives
  • construct a sustainable agreement

You and your Gersten and Gersten attorney work together to address these goals and reach a resolution. Established collaborative divorce ground rules help to foster mutual respect and provides a framework for any future relationships.

Collaborative Divorce Process Ground Rules

The rules of the collaborative divorce process include:

  • neither party takes advantage of mistakes made by the other side
  • the divorcing couple freely discloses all financial information and pertinent material facts
  • confidentiality of all information exchanges in joint meetings shall be maintained
  • all experts are retained jointly and these experts shall remain neutral
  • all parties will behave courteously and act in good faith